A new website for SalvadorSoftware

Hello everyone. I'm Matteo Salvi (aka El Salvador) and I'm glad to introduce you in the new SalvadorSoftware website, after many months of absence in the web.

The new website aims to provide visitors with easier access to information around ASuite and my other softwares. I hope you like it.

ASuite actual state

Unfortunately, I have too little spare time for myself and so for my projects, as ASuite and this website. I have great ideas in mind for ASuite (see ASuite Roadmap, for example), but unfortunately working alone on this software, I can do very little.

Having said this, I want to clarify one thing: ASuite is NOT dead and will not die. You will only have patience, a lot of patience.

Thank you and good surfing.

El Salvador


Thanx for your great work

I am really thankful for your kind and great work which is very helpful to me that my all portable software works and manage in a manner that is easy to handle.Now I am free to carry laptop and all my softwares in my portable hard-disk and worry from installation..
Just Carry on. we all always with you and enjoying and benefit from your creative work.


I would love to see some development to next version of Asuite. I know many more are waiting...

I have a hole bunch of requests that I would like to be added.


Great !!!

Hi Matteo Salvi,

I actually was convinced already that your project is dead. Now that I found your new website, I’m relieved. Asuite is not up to date any more, but still the best project (in terms of portable starter). I already thought about migration to another launcher, but since I know that you will continue I will wait. Thank you soo much!

Best Programm!

This is the best programm for my USB harddrive!

Please go on and make new versions of thi great tool.


"ASuite will not die" !!!

I used a similar program a few years back but could not remember the name of it. A son-in-law was describing yours and it sounded almost the same but I gave it a try and Wow,like this is by far the best!
Did I say the best, I meen it is just what I needed,"even better"!
I have a feeling I will,especially love to see any new development to next version of Asuite. This takes the big task out of TASK of GOING from PC to PC to PC to PC and gives a techie like me a break!
Actualy I say all that to say this THANK YOU !!!
Please dont ever go away. An if you do you have my email.

Asuite 1.5.2 Beta

W7, 64bit: Only one start after booting is possible.



I use Lupo for 3 years now

I use Lupo for 3 years now and have to say that it has the most competent soft collection and the launcher is very creative too.
I would compare it with foobar2000 player where they have extensive inner working and testing.

Looking Forward to Future Updates

Hi Matteo, I've heard about ASuite from a friends and it's a really powerful software. With all the files we have that are scattered in our computers, portable hard drives, thumb drives and the web, it's hard to keep track where all things are. I really look forward to the future updates of ASuite. Keep up the good work!

I already thought about

I already thought about migration to another launcher, but since I know that you will continue I will wait. Thank you soo much!

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