I'm back

After months (years?) absence, I'm back to work in ASuite Project. Unfortunately, I have time for ASuite because I'm unemployed (sob...), but this is another story.

In these weeks, I tried Lazarus 1.0 (a very important milestone version) and I liked it. So I make a decision: I will port ASuite in Lazarus/Free Pascal. Why? Because:

  • Lazarus (IDE) and FreePascal (compiler) are Free Software (as ASuite) and free (Delphi license is very expensive for me)
  • Delphi XE3 is a heavy and slow bloatware, instead Lazarus is lightweight and fast
  • Cross platform, for a future ASuite for Linux

After removed useless and added new components, I'm rewriting from scratch the code relating to loading/saving list (and ASuite Options) in a sqlite database (as in ASuite 2.0 Alpha1). After this, I will fix bugs and I will release a new Alpha version.

Stay tuned for future updates


Are you back?

I still love ASuite. I would like to see some progress so much. Thanks for you effort and keep going. Please!!!


Please bring fast a stable Version.


Was just searching for apps to replace my sidebar apps because I have heard Win 8 won't support sidebar when I came across yours and decided to try it.

So far, I think it is great. A few problems, but nothing we can't work around:

Can't seem to link Windows Fax & Scan to a menu item (either the wfs.exe or the shortcut) - no problem though, put in a folder with instructions to d/click on the shortcut so user will know

Your backgrounds are great, but was able to fix just a plain one for my needs.

Would be nice if we could access more than one data file (like Choose One: (list of xml files created in the directory being used)

I know you said we could have more than one instance running at the same time to get more than 60 items but haven't tried it yet

Still playing with it, though. And it is worth playing with.

Many Thanks . . .

v2.0 Alpha 1 bug

I hope the fact that v2.0 alpha 1 is no longer portable is a bug and not a roadmap for the future of ASuite. Also, I was unable to import PStart files with v2.0 alpha 1. :-(

keep up the good work!

Sorry to hear about your unemployment, hopefully by the time you read this you'll have found another job. Having said that, I'm looking forward to seeing further development and new features! Keep up the good work!

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